Blogging: Entrepreneurship in 2021

Many of us strive in our work life to build a passive income and not be dependent on our work hours.

It was previously available through two methods: building a company or investing.

Even so, many of us cannot afford either of these options.

Making ourselves visible on social media is one way to build a gateway of opportunities for ourselves, aka becoming a blogger in our own area of expertise or what we’re passionate about.

Who can be a blogger?

Blogging is simply creating content about what you know or are passionate about.

It’s long gone the days when bloggers were just Instagram users who shared beautiful photographs. Social media is now used by many people to position themselves in their expertise or simply to attract people who are passionate about what they do.

So if you are someone who:

  • Has experience in a particular field or
  • Passionate about learning, developing, and finding their way in a field

You can become your own boss if you become a blogger.

Why is blogging a stepping stone to self-employment or entrepreneurship?

You need to build a distribution channel, voice power, and fans in order to be self-employed or build an online business without having to spend a fortune. why?

Through social media, you can show off your work, opinion, and expertise to gain trust and eyeballs of people who are truly excited about what you offer. You can therefore sell services and products knowing there is a market (your following).

Let’s look at some examples:

Yasi, who used to teach ESL at Safir language academy, is now the owner of a very cool online language academy. On her Instagram account, she shares English tips and tricks. Being on Instagram as a blogger really aided her in accomplishing this goal. How?

  1. Her team was able to attract early students via Instagram when her school launched.
  2. As a result of her following, she called out for the best teachers across the country.

We design businesses for new business owners. Through our Instagram page, we share business tips that have helped us attract clients and sell online courses. Our entire revenue stream comes from Instagram and we only have 2.8K followers!

How does self-employment happen for bloggers?

They do either of the following ways:

  • Driving traffic to their own business
  • Use their account as a lead channel for service-based projects
  • Selling live or evergreen teaching content (webinars, courses, etc.)
  • Coaching or tutoring on a one-to-one basis

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