A complete guide to creating a flow

New to Flowjin? Welcome! If you’ve just signed up, you’ll probably want to polish up a few things before you create your flow. Here’s how to set up a flow to make it uniquely yours.

creative ideas for starting a flow

Start an audio challenge

You can help your followers learn or practice a topic by creating a challenge. The challenge can consist of weekly audio explanations plus an exercise in the description. You can indicate in your flow description when you will upload new posts weekly.

Here’s an example from Esther Perel. She created a 7 day challenge to teach the art of foreplay . The challenge includes 7 days of short audio messages from Esther and simple exercises to help her followers practice cultivating pleasure for its own sake.

Start an audio course

Using Flowjin for courses is best for you if this is your first time testing out a course idea. You can give voice to your knowledge little by little with recording short audio posts and complete the whole structure based on what the cohort wants to hear from you. 

Using Flowjin for shaping up your course is a wise choice because: 

  • There are no fixed schedules to post. As long as you are consistent in uploading new posts and won’t disappear for a whole week, you can post whenever you feel most ready.
  • It won’t be a one-directional relationship. You don’t have to decide about the content all alone. Benefit from asking subscribers to let you know what they want to hear next.

Weekly personal notes or learnings

Are you one of those people who learns a lot of new things and is passionate to share it with others? Well you can create an audio post as a learning reflection. It both helps you remember the lesson and a cool way to teach others something new!

Lightweight podcast

You don’t have to learn podcasting skills to create a great podcast. Your podcast idea might be to summarize a design-related blog post and share your own insights. You can use Flowjin to record it just with your phone. No editing skills needed.

Audio FAQ

If you are always imposed with repetitive questions from your followers, this is the right choice for you. 

You can record audio posts answering frequent questions. This is super beneficial when new followers send you direct messages asking a question and you redirect them to a post in your flow where you have answered it before. It’s faster than writing blog posts for each frequently asked concept and can help you build a stronger trust with your audience by being accountable to their questions.

Start a flow


My tip is to include these items in your description:

  • What is your flow about?
  • How frequent are you going to create a post?
  • What was the motivation behind it?
  • If you are offering online sessions (group calls or 1:1 sessions), note the details. How frequent will you announce them? Where can they find the link (I’ll teach you that later)?
  • If your flow is for educational purposes, mention what they will learn along the way?

Decide how many subscribers you want

What is the deal with it? If you want to invest heavy time into coaching, mentoring or consulting anyone who subscribes and you can only serve a small amount of your followers, you can limit the intake number.

go free or go paid?

The price of your flow depends on your relationship with your audience. In my experience, a paid flow is very successful when you have built a trust relationship with your followers on social media. The trust can be built when you provide enough value for them so they already trust how knowledgeable you are. 

If you are unsure, I suggest you give it a try by creating a teasing campaign on your social channels and ask everyone to show their interest by opting their email address, filling an interest form or simply sending you a direct message. 

If you have a very small following (below 1000) I suggest you use flowjin as a means to deliver free value to your followers. You can choose one of the flow formats I introduced in this section or come up with a creative idea yourself. Why not?

Record the first post

First let me tell you something. If your flow is for free, all your posts will be accessible by the public in the flow webpage. An example is found here.

I suggest your first post to include these items:

  • A brief intro about yourself for new followers
  • What is the backstory of this flow? What made you create it?
  • Who can benefit from this flow?
  • Encourage subscribers to ask their questions below the posts or simply tell you what they wish to hear in the next ones.
    You can go creative about this as well. An idea to set a deadline for new topic requests. The goal is to use the questions feature to build a two-way relationship with your super fans. 

Spread the word

Bring your audience in

The point of why Flowjin exists is to be engaged with your current followers. Your flow might be discovered by users who don’t personally know you in the app or web but to earn a living out of Flowjin, you should bring your own audience in. They are the ones who are eager to hear more from you. 

To invite your followers to subscribe, the first thing you should do is to share the flow link with them. The link can be found in your flow page, above the cover photo.

Share the link on your social media posts, send it in your next newsletter and make sure to put it in your link in bio (if you don’t have one, you can use services like Linktree or Flooz).

If you’re planning to use your flow for a fixed/temporary time period, make sure to acquire as many subscribers as you can before you start posting content. You can plan a marketing campaign on your social media, tease your audience for a while, share what is the benefit for them to subscribe and then reveal the link on a certain day. Make sure to mention the day you will start posting content in your flow in the flow description. We will make flow settings better in the future so you will be able to change the flow mode to pre-order.

Publishing frequency

Remember that whenever you upload a new post, your subscribers will receive it on their email inbox as well as getting notified on the app. The email looks like this:

Try to upload at least 2 short posts per week to keep your subscribers engaged. You can screen record a snippet of your posts and use it as a marketing tease to your social media followers to subscribe.

Build an online home on Flowjin

Keep your profile updated

When you sign up, you will have a profile on Flowjin with a unique URL. Find yours using this pattern: www.flowjin.com/user/yourusername.

Make sure to upload a profile picture before letting the word out about your new flow. Write a short bio and full bio about yourself to help your followers feel more welcomed when entering your profile.

Build a business funnel having multiple flows

I suggest you create multiple flows to build a sustainable revenue on Flowjin. What do I mean?

You can have a free flow for newcomers. Then you can understand who you are the best by listening to your free content. (think of it as your very own audio profile!)

Then a fraction of them can convert to paying subscribers by joining your paid flow about the same subject where you explain the topic in depth. And you offer 1:1s for them as well. 

You can even have a flow for only a very limited number of your followers who want you by their side for more than just one hour a month. You can host your group classes this way.

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